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Notch helps fast-growing companies find, hire, and manage the best developers - anywhere in the world. Build your remote team faster than ever with thoroughly vetted and remote-ready talent.

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Vetted Talent

We source and select top developers ready to work from anywhere

Notch developers go through a 4-step vetting process to ensure exceptional technical and soft skills combined with remote work readiness. It takes both to be accepted to our network so you can confidently hire highly-skilled talent around the world.

Over 100+ skills covering every major tech stack
Excellent communicators fluent in English
Ready to work in your time zone
Data-driven Matching

Fast-track your hiring and get intelligently matched within 72 hours

We evaluate your technical and cultural needs and identify the best fit developers through our data-driven matching process. You review a shortlist and set up interviews. No more competing for talent locally or trying to navigate how to identify talent in other parts of the world.

Deep developer profiles with video introductions
Highly engaged and interested candidates
Average interview-to-hire rate of 70%
Cost-effective Hiring

Hire effortlessly with zero upfront hiring or placement fees

Hiring through Notch allows you to preserve your capital without sacrificing your growth. Rather than pay tens of thousands to a recruiter for a hire that may not work out, you pay a simple, flat all-inclusive ongoing rate - aligning incentives to produce long-term success.

30-day evaluation period with every hire
40% less than a local hire on average
Pay as you go with no minimum commitment
Seamless Collaboration

Automated payments and remote team management so you can focus on building

Notch makes it simple to onboard and get to work with your new team member. You manage directly on daily basis while we help to automate remote work hassles like international contractor payments, time-tracking and invoicing, and performance monitoring.

High visibility into your remote team
Automatic payments and invoices every two weeks
Always on performance monitoring
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The modern way to build a remote team

Faster hiring
We match candidates within 72 hours on average and manage the interview process end-to-end.
Notch developers are commited to being motivated teammates there for the long-term.
Always-on support
We're your reliable partner working in the background to reduce your team management overhead.
Guaranteed fit
We give 30-day evaluation period so you can hire fast without risk and assess on the job performance.

Access the world's talent

Talent is everywhere so limiting your hiring radius to 20 miles means a limited talent pool and competing with all the major tech companies locally. Notch lets you easily identify and hire talent anywhere in the world.
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It’s been great working with Notch. They were able to find exactly what we were looking for in a frontend engineer and incredibly quickly as well. The team has been super friendly and flexible - overall a wonderful experience.
Jeremy Shoykhet
CEO & Co-founder
Neel Yernemi
CTO & Co-founder
Nikhil Unni
Chief Architect & Co-founder
Notch makes it simple to scale your team with trusted developers ready to join from anywhere.
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