Hiring remote talent made simple and scalable.
Notch enables companies to build a remote team without the time, cost, and hassles of finding and hiring talent globally.
What We Do
We help you find and hire the best talent,
The world has changed and hiring remote talent has quickly become a competitive advantage for fast-growing companies. However, identifying and hiring talent in other parts of the world is still a massive challenge for companies without being able to rely on typical hiring signals like where someone has worked previously or what school they attended. Get it wrong and there’s skill gaps, communication issues, time zone difficulties, cultural-fit challenges, and the list goes on.
At Notch, we’re making it easy to access the world’s talent at scale - all through an automated, data-driven talent platform.
Who We Help
We’re made for fast-growing startups and companies
We focus on high-growth startups and technology companies but we’re here to help any forward thinking company. Today, Notch is trusted by top companies backed by some of the biggest VCs to build a world-class remote team.
Our Mission
Access to great opportunities for talented people, everywhere.
Talent is equally distributed around the world, but opportunity isn’t. We’re on a mission to give exceptional talent access to great opportunities no matter where they live, and enable and empower companies to build global teams that aren’t limited by boundaries.
Hire trusted remote
developers at scale
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