We make remote hiring simple and scalable for startups everywhere.

Remote work isn't just the future.
We're making it the present.

The future of work demands access to global workforce. Hiring technical talent is a massive challenge and companies are looking globally - yet navigating the identifying and hiring of great remote talent is a hard, time consuming process. Notch is building an all-in-one remote hiring platform that makes it simple by taking a data-driven approach to assessing skills and remote readiness at scale. By making it faster and easier to find and hire talent globally, we give your team the confidence to build a world-class remote team.

What we do

We give fast-growing startups the talent they need to scale quickly and build exceptional products. We do it in a way that is more efficient than traditional hiring - by identifying the best developers globally and pairing them with companies as full-time, remote team members. It's not just about creating a better way to hire to us, it's a way to give entrepreneurs more time to focus on the things that matter to them and achieve great success.

Who we help

We’re built for startups and top technology companies, however we’re a great match for any forward thinking company within any industry.

Why we are here

Talent is distributed equally around the world but opportunity is not. Our mission is making remote work more accessible and open up opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into a global pool of talent and empower exceptional talent everywhere to help build the future.

Our team

We collectively have more than 10 years of industry experience building distributed companies and remote teams. We’ve helped hundreds of silicon valley startups scale their teams effectively and efficiently.

What guides our mission - the principles of Notch

Innovation never stops
Teamwork makes us work
Move fast, think big
People are our everything
Always do more