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Whatever you’re looking for in your next career move our automated platform finds long-term remote opportunities that are the right fit for your
skills, experience, interests, work style, career goals and much more - and make it faster than ever to land the job.

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Get matched with jobs where you can fast track through the hiring process and go straight to final interviews.

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Explore roles with VC backed startups from early-stage to unicorn that have high pay, great teams, and product fit.

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Work as a remote full-time employee or contractor - enjoying all the benefits and growth you’d expect as an in-house hire.


Land a job at a startup where you can grow your career and skills

Companies you’ll find hiring on our platform typically are well-funded, fast-growing, and built and backed by technology leaders - and always remote-first. Work for one of the fast growing companies anywhere, from anywhere.

  • Access exclusive full-time, long-term opportunities

  • Roles in over 100+ skills covering every major tech stack

  • Work on exciting products with a strong userbase


Get fast tracked for roles that fit exactly what you’re looking for

When you apply through us, you stand out from the rest by having your profile recommended directly to companies that trust our talent, moving you straight to final interviews and getting the offer faster - and our intelligent matching ensure you only spend time on roles that fit your salary, hours, seniority, and job preferences.

  • Receive fast track job matches and apply in a click

  • No more job searching, recruiter calls, or endless applications

  • Every role meets or exceeds your expected salary


Work the way you want earning what you deserve

Working remotely shouldn’t mean having to give up any of your career goals or growth opportunities, but most platforms don’t provide the same experience that you’d get working in-house. With us, you decide whether you’d like to get hired directly or through our platform, work as a contractor or employee, and have the opportunity to enjoy benefits, equity, and career advancement.

  • Complete free for developers - keep 100% of earnings

  • Only get matched with jobs that fit the way you work

  • Automate your invoicing and payments

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I’m proud to work with Notch. Working with them means flexibility and challenging and rewarding opportunities. As a Notch developer I can expand my career working with powerful companies to fulfill their needs. It’s not only my job, it’s my life. It’s not only a company, it’s a community.

Felipe R.
Sr. Fullstack Engineer
Bruno C
Sr. Frontend Developer
Dimitry K.
Frontend Developer

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