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Notch helps talented developers around the world access the best full-time remote opportunites with fast-growing startups and companies. Take our assessment to join the network and level up your career - it’s the future of work today.

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Notch developers have worked with top companies to help them build a world-class development team.

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Faster Search

Fast-track your search and go straight to final interviews with top companies

Companies trust us to deliver exceptional talent so you can stand out from the rest and get hired faster than ever at some of the most interesting and exciting startups around the world. Once you pass Notch vetting, you’re accepted for life - no more searching, recruiters, or having to apply to jobs ever again.

Full-time opportunities available for long-term
Roles in over 100+ skills covering every major tech stack
Work from anywhere with no visa needed
Better Compensation

Get paid based on your skills and value instead of your local rates

Notch allows you to set your own rate and keep 100% of what you earn. We maximize your chance for success by using salary data from our network to help you get it right. You get paid what you’re worth rather than just what you’re worth in your country.

Earn 3-5x local rates on average
Paid direct to your bank every 2 weeks
Consistent weekly rate without automatic time tracking
Smart Matching

Set detailed preferences to find exactly what you’re looking for in your next role

There’s more to matching than just having the required skills. Notch lets you set granular preferences on the types of roles, markets, and companies you’re looking for as well your preferred working hours so you’re only matched with roles that really interest you and fit your schedule.

Active or passive searching to get the right roles at the right time
Ensure the perfect time overlap with hiring companies
Accept or decline any request
Global Community

Grow your career working with engineering leaders around the world

Being a part of our community you’ll have the ability to learn new skills, expand your network, and grow as an engineer by working with engineering leaders from companies like Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and other top tech companies. Notch engagements are typically long-term so unlike freelance work, you’ll grow with the company.

Slack community of highly engaged engineers
Exclusive perks just for Notch developers
Resources to help you learn and grow your career
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Your platform to manage it all
From payments to profiles, we make it simple. Notch handles payments and invoicing automatically and gives you an in-depth dashboard to track everything and manage your developer profile
I’m proud to work with Notch. Working with them means flexibility and challenging and rewarding opportunities. As a Notch developer I can expand my career working with powerful companies to fulfill their needs. It’s not only my job, it’s my life. It’s not only a company, it’s a community.
Felipe R.
Sr. Fullstack Engineer
Bruno C.
Sr. Frontend Engineer
Dimitry K.
Sr. Fullstack Engineer

The fast-track to the best remote roles

Typical engagements of least six months, though often longer as you’re not hired on a project basis
Work Anywhere
All opportunities are 100% remote and matched to your schedule for an agreed time-zone overlap.
Always-on Support
We make sure you’re set up for long-term success and handle any issues so you don’t have to.
Faster Vetting
Top performers with a proven track record can get fast-tracked through the application process.

How to get started

Complete application
It only takes 2 mins to fill out and get started
Pass assessment
Complete MCQ test, coding challenge, and video interview
Express interest
Get matched to opportunities and confirm interest
Start working
Get hired at top company and work with them directly
Notch makes it simple to find your next great opportunity from anywhere.
Hire trusted remote
developers at scale
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